Weekly Projects

As many blog projects, LoveStory is aiming to offer our followers Love and Inspiration. Let’s get inspired and danger Love. We are choosing a county and discussing love-related topics. Stay inspired and venture LoveStoryPeople.

Enclosed you can find a more detailed LoveSchedule. We are always happy and open hearing your opinion. Every user is more than welcome to follow us on Social Media, even without a blog, join LoveStoryPeople and spread Love.

Some truths about love: Human needs Love. Without it, they die. Solitary people without Love are three to five times more to die early! The definition of Love is simple: Love means more than liking a lot. We are not talking affection plus. Love is about a pounding sense of attachment. Love is about responding, about delicate, intuitive sensing. Love is always two ways. Love has the history. Love gives us meaning and makes us who we are. Love is the answer!

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LoveStoryPeople team

# LoveBeautiful

On Monday, we are planning to discuss historical LoveStories. This topic is so beautiful that we could speak about it forever. Furthermore, LoveStories is a very important and ongoing topic for the brand.
The research process started by looking at „well-known and important historical stories“, another inspiration was to look at different countries and „their LoveStories“. Love is special and a great medium to spread emotions. An addition Social Media campaign with #love quotes will offer you a lovely start of the week.

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# LoveNews

On Tuesday, we will update you with the latest showbiz and lifestyle related LoveStories. Hollywood is not only full of Glamour and Beauty but it is always all about Love! We will keep you updated. Stay tuned and risk Love.

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# LoveInStyle

On Wednesday, we will inform you about the latest LoveBrands and FutureTrends in Fashion.
LoveStoryPeople was founded on the profound to spread Love and support young and creative talents. Every one of us has a different understanding of Love. If you are a creative person, or just in love please feel free to get in touch and show your idea of „LoveStoryPeople“.

We are always looking for collaborations. For any business inquiries please contact us on lovestorypeople@gmail.com

Love is the drug!

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On Thursday, we will share our favorite love inspired recipes, cafes, restaurants and more food love.
„The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach“. We all heard about this famous phrase right?

When we talk about Love we must speak about Food!  Stay hungry for Love.

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On Friday, we are always happy to plan our weekend after a busy working week. We will help you choose you next LoveCity.

Paris, Rome, London, New York is love cities, planet earth is big enough to offer us many more romantic trips. Next destination is Love.

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On Saturday, we are aiming to inspire your weekend. LoveStoryPeople is currently based in London. LoveStory mostly takes their inspiration from exhibitions, talks, events, symposium, etc.

Love is in the air and every event can make you feel in love. Free your mind and let your imagination flow. Risk Love.

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On Sunday, we would love to speak about books. Not only romantic books but also art books. They are a special and a great medium for inspiration and love feelings.

There are thousands of book blogs out there but not many of them focus on love-related themes. Go back to the roots and read.

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