#LoveDestination: Rio

Happy Friday! After an exciting start of the Olympic games this year we are delighted to present you


Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with the sport. All eyes are on the Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City) for the 2016 Olympic Games and the world will indeed marvel at the feats of speed, strength, and skill exhibited by elite athletes, and by the resplendence of Rio de Janeiro itself. As a competitive athlete, I can’t imagine a place more galvanizing than Rio, a destination that conjures the fortitude and serenity required for optimal performance; countless hours of preparation lead up to that make-or-break moment where roaring cheers fall silent and you leave everything on the floor, field, court, track or platform. In Rio, a confluence of cinematic landscapes, energizing the sunshine and captivating culture sets the perfect stage for the thrilling events, inspiring not only spectators but the contenders from around the world who trained tirelessly to get to the Games. However, fitness in this city isn’t reserved for the pros. It’s an inherent part of the carioca(resident of Rio) lifestyle and no matter the sport – whether you’re a local or a visitor, a participant or an onlooker – your favorite event awaits in paradise.

Take a break from the Olympics with a day trip away from Rio

Romantic Things to Do in Rio with Your Special Someone-

With a stunning natural landscape, year-round tropical sunshine, vibrant musical scene and seemingly endless beaches, Rio one of the world’s great romantic cities.

Whether you’re heading to Rio for Valentine’s Day;  to mark a special occasion; to ‘pop the question’, or even in the hope of romancing one of the famously good-looking locals, rest assured that there will be no end of opportunity to impress a date during a visit to Rio.

Don’t be afraid to follow the tourist’s trail in Rio – taking the cable car ride up Sugar Loaf mountain or the funicular railway up to see the Christ Statue atop Corcovado is a romantic treat that can’t be spoiled by the presence of others doing the same thing.

That said, the sheer pace of life in Rio can make couples yearn for a little peace and quiet – look no further, then, then the city’s scenic parks such as the lovely Parque Lage, or make a mid-week escape to lesser-known beaches such as Praia do Recreio.

Couples with time to spare should be sure to take a trip down the beautiful Costa Verde, to discover the pristine beaches and paradise islands that lie outside the city.

LoveStoryPeople wishes every sportsman in Rio all the best and good luck. Don’t forget to share your story with us using today’s hashtag #LoveDestination.


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