#LoveNews: best Portuguese Wedding Traditions

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best Portuguese Wedding Traditions

With a truly embedded ancient culture and vibrant heritage, Portugal is a unique place to visit.  If your visit is for reasons of matrimony, either your own celebrations or someone else’s, then there’s a real treat in store!  With the majority of its citizens being of the Catholic faith, wedding celebrations are both spiritually and custom rich, and with a huge emphasis on family and unity.


Many of Portugal’s wedding (as well as general) customs have distinct regional variations: from the most reserved citizens of Oporto in the North, with its heavy English influence, to the lively and energetic Lisbon in the South.   What these areas do have in common, though, is that across the country, there’s currently a resurgence of ancient wedding customs, as more and more couples choose to hold a ceremony which is meaningful to both their own personal future and the culture and heritage of the past.

A Portuguese groom is likely to have a stag party prior to his wedding, but this is not just an event for the groom and his mates – the Portuguese custom is for even the eldest members of the groom’s family and a local community to attend the event.


Although many of the customs for a Portuguese wedding day will vary across the regions, the common thread is in those predominantly church-led wedding rites.  With the majority of the Portuguese being Catholic, the wedding service would be held as a full mass, to include the sermon, wedding rites, and Holy Communion.

Along with his party, the groom will traditionally await his bride at the church, whilst his bride makes the customary walk to church.  This walk is still a key part of the proceedings in rural and village communities, giving all of the community the chance to see her in her bridal outfit and to join in the procession to the church.


The exchange of wedding rings is an important part of the ceremony, symbolizing not only the couple’s new unity but highlighting the end of the wedding rites and the start of their married life.  In recognition of this, the priest covers the couple with his own style, so they are embraced as one, united by married and protected by each other and their faith.

Leaving the church means a flurry of customary confetti – although unlike the rice and grains of Greece, Portuguese confetti includes candies and flowers.

Civil ceremonies are also popular and there are many beautiful venues licensed for civil weddings in Portugal.

Portuguese Wedding Clothes 

Although some big, urban weddings may go for the whole main European and American style of wedding attire, the majority of Portuguese couples still wear more traditional wedding costumes for the day.  For the bride, this involves wearing a white, Chinese-style tunic, which is highly ornate and embellished with colorful, eye-catching jewels.  Her groom usually wears a smart, dark suit and white shirt.  He also wears a symbolic dark top hat.

Unique Traditions

♥   During the reception events, it’s not uncommon to see the ancient tradition of passing around the bride’s shoe still taking place.  The guests pass the shoe among themselves, stuffing cash into the shoe ready to help the couple with the costs of starting out their married life and joint home.

♥   Despite the current romantic trend for re-introducing old customs to their weddings, many Portuguese brides still refuse to give new life to the tradition where the bride was expected to pretend to be a lost cow, waiting to be found by her owner (husband).  Yes, I can sort of see why they’re reluctant to let that one see the light of day again!

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