#LoveInStyle: JDate

On a lovely Wednesday, we are usually informing you about the latest LoveBrands and FutureTrends in Fashion.

Continuing our Israel-related week we are delighted to present you not a fashion brand but a love-related website.


JDate is an online dating service aimed at Jewish singles. The service is one of a number of demographically focused online match-making websites operated by Spark Networks, Inc.


JDate was founded in 1997. After the launch, membership grew rapidly by word of mouth in tight-knit Jewish communities. Because of the focus on relationships between Jewish singles, JDate is considered a special-interest online dating site. Former CEO Adam Berger calls this type of service “niche” dating. 

The site won a 2006 Webby award for social networking. On November 10, 2014, JDate launched a dating app designed for Jewish singles.

Daniella Perlstein, Vice-President of the Sparknetworks company, owner of the Jewish singles community online Jdate.com, speaks on October 28, 2013 in Paris, during a press conference as part of the launch of an advertising campaign in France. AFP PHOTO / FRANCOIS GUILLOT


Individuals do not have to be Jewish in order to join JDate. Members can mark their Jewish affiliation on their profile or select options like “Willing to Convert,” “Not Sure if Willing to Convert,” and “Not Willing to Convert.” While JDate is oriented towards the Jewish population, it has also attracted those seeking Jewish mates. The reasons cited often have to do with perceived cultural traits, whether stereotypical or true: “nice” or wealthy Jewish men who treat women well; take-charge, and independent Jewish women who hold on to tradition. While many JDate members respond in kind, others view the phenomenon as an intrusion that defeats the purpose of the site. 

Famous past/present JDate users include:

  • Steve Hofstetter, an American actor/comedian, met his wife on JDate
  • Steve Rothman, American politician, U.S. House of Representatives, from New Jersey
  • Brad Sherman, American politician, U.S. House of Representatives from California

Story behind the Logo

The new logo was created in honor of JDate’s 18 year anniversary as the world’s best leading Jewish dating site. Highlighting the Star of David, the logo keys off JDate’s commitment to the Jewish faith and community.The red “J” was created from deep explorations of Jewish symbolism reflecting the eternal flame’s flicker above a synagogue’s Torah ark. The blue in the logo represents the Divine because blue is the color of the sea and sky. Red is life and joy. Together, they reflect the resilience of the Jewish people.



JDate’s blog, JLife, focuses on dating advice, Jewish traditions and pop culture. Success stories from couples who met on JDate are also published on JLife. Both members and non-members can access the site.

reference (https://www.jdate.com/jmag/)

J-Swipe: Every Jewish Mother’s Dream

J-Swipe is a free app that connects Jewish men and women based on location and personal beliefs/preferences – Kosher/not Kosher, denomination, etc. – and it makes J-Date seem like ancient history. You swipe right if you like what you see, and left if you don’t; if you have a match with someone (that is, if they’ve also swiped right on your picture), you can chat with your match – and who knows, maybe you’ll end up going on a date! Fun fact: If you have a match the app goes wild! It reads “Mazel Tov!” and there’s an animation of someone being lifted up and tossed around in a chair. And you might even think to yourself, “Oh happy day!!! My mother doesn’t have to sign me up for a single’s event at my synagogue!”

Love can happen everywhere and anywhere. Did you finally meet a great match?
Mazel tov!


We encourage you to share your story with us using today’s hashtag #LoveInStyle.



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