#LoveBeautiful: Paolo and Francesca

We are delighted to present you our Italy-inspired week.

Descendants of Casanova, the Venetian author, and philosopher famous for his contributions to the art of seduction, Italians are known as lovers full of passion, raw with sexiness. That’s why the world has been fascinated by Italy’s love stories throughout history – from the fictional (think Francesca and Paolo) to present-day hotties adored by the paparazzi (think George Clooney, who lives in Como, Italy, and Italian TV host Elisabetta Canalis).

The one thing all these Italian couples have in common is that their relationships – even those that don’t pass the test of time – are dripping with romance. Sometimes, the lovers’ stories are downright scandalous. The fictional Francesca and Paolo, come from Dante’s Inferno in the second level of hell. Francesca’s husband killed her for having an affair with his brother Paolo. Modern-day lovers (real ones), such as Albanoand Romina Powers, Gigi d’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo, and Luciano Pavarotti and Nicoletta Mantovani, have kept up the tradition of drama.

When love stories aren’t scandalous, they are either sweet or tragic. Italy has a little of both. It is, however, home to the most tragic love story of all time – Romeo and Giulietta. Anyone who has read of Shakespeare’s young Italian lovers knows that they fight their families to remain a couple (which is also very Italian of them), and end up committing suicide when they mistakenly think they can no longer be together.
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Today we would like to talk about

Paolo and Francesca

Short summary:

Paolo and Francesca are made famous by the Dante’s masterpiece “Divine Comedy”.
It is a true story: Francesca is married with Gianciotto Malatesta an awful person, but she has Gianciotto’s brother, Paolo, as lover. The love between them grows when they read together a book (according to Dante) about Lancelot and Guinevere.
When the two lovers are discovered they are killed by Gianciotto.

reference (http://amolife.com/)

Love has different sides, Love is always very emotional.

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