#LoveBeautiful: Bonnie and Clyde

We would like to present another kind of LoveStory, also very romantic and more important passionate!

Bonnie and Clyde-

Possibly the most famous and most romanticized criminals in American history,
Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were two young Texans whose early 1930s crime spree forever imprinted them upon the national consciousness. Their names have become synonymous with an image of Depression-era chic, the world where women chomped cigars and brandished automatic rifles, men robbed banks and drove away in squealing automobiles, and life was lived fast because it would be so short.Of course, myth is rarely close to reality. The myth promotes the idea of a romantic couple in stylish clothes who broke the bonds of convention and became a threat to the status quo, who didn’t fear the police and lived a life of glamorous luxury outrunning them. The reality was somewhat different. Sometimes incompetent, often careless, Bonnie and Clyde and the Barrow gang lived a hard, uneasy life punctuated by narrow escapes, bungled robberies, injury, and murder. They became one of the first outlaw media stars after some photos of them fooling around with guns were found by police, and the myth-making machine began to work its transformative magic. Soon fame would turn sour and their lives end in a bloody police ambush, but their dramatic and untimely end would only add lustre to their legend.

source (http://www.biography.com/)

We came across another interesting insight in the (book: New Fashion Photography: ISBN 978-3-7913-4791-2,p. 142)

„Bonnie and Clyde“ for LoveCat, 2010-by ARAM BEDROSSIAN
San Francisco’s Aram Bedrosian has a talent for narrative and he weaves it effortlessly into nostalgic shots that echo vintage cinema. From the direct referencing of cult film scenes to the more indirect exploitation of the language and symbolism of genre fiction, Bedrossian’s world is one of the seductive women playing dangerous games in a romanticized world of intrigue.


The Bedrosian love affair with the visual sensibility of the film takes diverse forms. Motivated by a belief that new ideas grow out of a revisionist approach to old, he bathes his breakthrough 2010 shoot „Bonnie and Clyde“ for LoveCat in the bleached-out bliss of a sun-drenched America. 

Please find our mood board inspired by Bonnie and Clyde.design idea Bonnie and Clyde.jpg

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Capture your LoveMoment and RiskLove.


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